Novasure® Endometrial Ablation System

About 1 in 5 women experience unusually heavy menstrual bleeding. If this excessive menstrual bleeding is interfering with your lifestyle, causing anemia or fatigue, or restricting your activity due to heavy menstrual clots there is a new technique available without any need for hormones or a hysterectomy.

The NovaSure® procedure is an endometrial ablation procedure which provides an effective and minimally invasive outpatient alternative to a hysterectomy. NovaSure® delivers a measured electrical energy via a slender, handheld wand to remove the endometrial lining (inner lining of the uterus).

This outpatient procedure does not require any incisions. Once the NovaSure® procedure is activated, it takes generally less than 2 minutes to ablate (remove) the lining of the uterus. This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

In a 5-year follow-up study of NovaSure®, 72% of NovaSure®-treated patients no longer had a menstrual cycle. 97% of patients had their bleeding reduced to normal levels or below. Only 3% of patients still had heavy menstrual bleeding which required further surgery.

Premenopausal women with heavy menstrual bleeding who have completed childbearing may be candidates for NovaSure®.

If you would like more information about NovaSure®, please call to schedule an appointment.

If you would like more information about NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation System, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

More information available at NovaSure® web site.

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